Donations are NEVER expected – but ALWAYS appreciated.
I work as a self-employed, my normal day-job can require up to 50 hours per week.
So I don’t take for granted any amount of donations to the work this ministry is doing.
– And please, never feel any pressure to financially support this ministry/channel..!

I will keep doing my very best to continue producing free weekly videos on YouTube,
as well as creating frequently articles/transcripts for this website!

A few subscribers has asked for a way to financially support this work, and since I also wish to do ministry work part-time in the future, a support option is now available.
So if, (big IF), interested & able, prayerfully consider to support this ministry/channel on:

Easy to use and set up.
Best for those who wish to donate
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You have options to select one of the existing membership tiers for
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Definitely among the most fastest
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