E-book & Audio book (Theodicy)

Coming in end of 2022!

You will here be able to download my developed theodicy in response to all the world’s gratuitous evil and suffering – which is recognized in the academic world as the strongest skeptic argument against Christian theism.

You will on this page and website be able to download it in form of both E-Book and Audio Book – in the Norwegian, English and Slovak language.

Best of all, this small book / booklet will be available absolutely FREE of charge!

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(Update 7th August 2022 – I’m close to 70% finished with writing the Norwegian version.
When this is finished, I will have it translated into English and Slovak + and record the audio books. My goal is to release it all 21st December 2022, Lord willing. And next year, I wish to the same project, but then on “Divine Hiddenness”).