Muhammad Vs. Jesus (Isa) – In The Quran

Before I start, just a reminder, Jesus in the Bible and Jesus a.k.a. “Isa” in the Quran (from 600 years later) are two very different figures. But, when studying the Quran, here is something I noticed; Jesus is not only very unique in the Bible, Jesus or Isa in Arabic is also very unique in the Quran. So much so that I wanted to share a few examples when contrasting Jesus in the Quran with Muhammad in the Quran.

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That Jesus is mentioned a lot more times directly or indirectly by name rather than the main Islamic prophet, Muhammad, in the Quran – is nowhere near all there is to it.
Let’s just look very quick at 5 more examples.

According to Islam, as you can see on the picture above:
Muhammad was not virgin born, but Jesus was virgin born.
Muhammad was not sinless, but Jesus was sinless.
Muhammad is not the Messiah, but Jesus is the Messiah.
Muhammad did no miracles, but Jesus did miracles.
Muhammad is not called the word of God,
but Jesus is called the word of God.

(Miracles were first ascribed to Muhammad 150-200 years after his death in Muslim traditions. For more on that, ***CLICK HERE*** to watch a video exploring this further.

Here’s a bonus one to end this article – Number 6:
Muhammad died a human death, but Jesus was drawn supernaturally to heaven by Allah.

So my encouragement to my Muslim friends, read the four early biographies of Jesus
– without hostile eyeglasses. Read the Gospels. The Quran even encourages you to do so, in Surah 5:46 and Surah 10:94-95.

For sources used, click the description box on the actual video page ***here***
Much of this article is a transcript from the DanielApologetics video on YouTube by the title “Muhammad Vs. Jesus (Isa) – In The Quran” – which you can watch below.

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