5 Reasons Why It’s Very STUPID To Say; “All Religions Are The Same!”

Ah, yes… The well-known regurgitated line “All religions are the same!” … It comes in many different shape and forms, and many people throws this slogan out – both online and offline. Well, keep reading, and I’m gonna show you 5 reasons why that’s a VERY stupid thing to say. (I could btw, mention A LOT more than just 5 reasons!)

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🖊️ Written by: DanielApologetics

Why does so many people jump on the bandwagon of regurgitating the good old;
“All religions are the same!” (Even many religious people quotes it!)
It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? So inclusive. So tolerant. So peaceful…
AND so very wrong!
Unless regurgitating this line with the intention of insulting all religions (which does happen a lot too!) – quoting this slogan, is actually doing the exact opposite of your intentions.

Have you ever said it?
Well, congratulations…
– You just SLAPPED 6 billion religious
people in the world right in the face!

Now, don’t get me wrong! I am NOT saying that all religions except Christianity, teaches ONLY wrong things and have NOTHING good or true in them
– things that most sane people value..!
BUT that does NOT mean that all religions are the same!

Religions may be superficially similar

It’s actually very easy to show!
(But not as easy as just regurgitating a pop-slogan like “All religions are the same!)


1. GOD

Many gods? Or 1 God?
What’s the nature of this god or gods?
What’s the character of this god / these gods?
Are we all gods?


How did the universe get here?
What’s the purpose of life?
Does good and evil exist?
Is something objectively right and wrong?

3. SIN

What is sin?
Does sin even exist?


What death really is?
What happens when we die?
Why do we die?


What is salvation?
What are we saved from?
How do we get saved?
What must I do?
What must god/gods do?


Notice, this goes a lot deeper than just “trying to be a good person”…
5 examples of big areas where all the major religions in the world are making
EXCLUSIVE truth claims … and they all CONTRADICT each other.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that means all religions are definitely not the same.
There’s also another logical conclusion

They are either all wrong…
Or ONE of them is right!

Most religions have holy books, or some sort of scripture, rules, and commandments to live by – in ordrer to obtain salvation or whatever ultimate goal it has to become a reality. And what’s counted as good and right, must outweigh what’s counted as bad or wrong…

THEN, and only then, will you be able to accomplish Nirvana in Buddhism, Moksha in Hinduism, or Jannah by Allah in Islam.

But think about it, what on earth can I, as a finite small human offer THE infinite holy God, the supreme being and ultimate reality – creator and sustainer of the entire universe?
The Bible says;

This is one of those many, many things that separates Christianity from all other religions in the world – and turn it into becoming ALSO, a personal relationship with God. Me, a finite small human, cannot bribe and impress God to make Him owe me something… He’s an infinite being. God wants our heart, our allegiance, our trust…

– Humble Believing Loyalty ,IN HIM!
And what HE has Said & Done.

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