Something Muslims AND Christians Agree On – But here’s a BIG problem…

Let’s look to the Bible AND the Quran, because according to BOTH of them, there are certain things that ONLY God can TRULY make…

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For example, only God alone can correctly state that he created the universe.

Of course a mere human being can pronounce the words “I created the universe!”,
but the statement would be false coming from anyone other than God.
– So claiming something of that sort, is uttermost serious in the Abrahamic religions.

This is not a complete list, but let me just show SOME examples of these divine names said by – and about – Jesus in the Bible, 600 years EARLIER than Allah, who also claimed these divine names when revealing the Quran to Muhammed – over a half millenia AFTER Jesus walked the earth. So my question is then;

“THE GOSPEL IS CORRUPTED!”, the Muslims will say. Well, that brings up a dilemma for Muslims. If the gospels are not trustworthy, then the Quran is false because it teaches that the gospels are the inspired, perfectly-preserved, authoritative words of God. But if the gospels ARE trustworthy, then the Quran is false because it teaches contradictory, mutually-exclusive facts about key issues. Either way, the Qur’an is false.

Now, as you can see on the map – Christianity was widespread before Islam arose 600 years later. I will not go into details of mentioning the enormous wealth of early biblical manuscripts of the New Testament. Complete or fragmented, we have over 25,000!

There is no way around it, we know very well what the gospel said and what Christians believed in over a half millenia before Islam and the time of Muhammad.
The 4 gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John can all be found in its entirety in museums today – dated hundreds of years BEFORE 600 AD. For example:

Codex Vaticanus (300-305 AD)
Codex Sinaiticus (330-360 AD)
Codex Alexandrius (440-460 AD)

No more slogans. No more regurgitated da’wah script. Time to take history seriously.

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