God is a JEALOUS God!?

God is a jealous God. There are numerous passages, both in the Old and the New Testament addressing this! So how to respond when our skeptic friends are quick to point out that “JEALOUSY IS A SIN!” ..? – I’ll give it a go here in this short article.

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🖊️ Written by: DanielApologetics

There are A LOT of such memes and slogans on the internet as the on you see above here. A LOT! Did I say A LOT yet? Well, it is. It never seize to amaze me how loud mockery, slogans and memes speaks when it comes to polemical attack against Christianity. And sometimes, they make me feel a lot smarter than I really am..!

I wish SOME skeptics gave these kind of regurgitated mocking slogans & memes just a litte bit more thought before spreading them out there as some kind of never-addressed-defeater to Christianity.

But let me say this; I don’t disagree with the skeptics 2 claims here.
“God IS a jealous God”… AND… “Jealousy IS a SIN.”

But let me ask something…
If your husband or wife is DATING someone else – and you are NOT jealous…

– Then what kind of Passion, Commitment,
and Love to your spouse is THAT showing us??!

Here is something our skeptic friends, and we all need to consider:

Jealousy is a GOOD virtue – if properly directed.

GOD’s jealousy is rooted in His love for us.
And it is not just any kind of love – it is the “Agape” love.

It is NOT a human kind of covetous jealousy towards
someone or something FINITE… Like we have…
– It is the GODLY righteous jealousy from the INFINITE God,
the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe!
Do you see the massive difference there?

The skeptic may reply with;
“But why does God in both the Old & New Testament demand and expect worship?”

Here’s the answer to that;
Idolatry of the FINITE,

is adultery against an INFINITE God.

God is not only by definition
” the supreme being / maximally great being / ultimate reality…”
– He is also the very ultimate source of ALL good.

Look, here’s the thing…
You can curse God with blasphemous hate all day long,
or worship and praise Him from sunrise to sunset…

When it all comes down to it;

Cursing or Praising GOD all day,
is ultimately NOT gonna do anything to HIM.
He is not a petty, incomplete, insecure being

– He is an INFINTE being.

To fix your eyes on the INFINTE God,
above everyone and everything else in your finite life here on earth,
to worship THE GOD, the very source of all that is good, the maximally great being…

– is NOT for His benefit, its for OUR benefit!

God knows that, and you should too.

For sources used, click the description box on the actual video page ***here***
Much of this article is a transcript from the DanielApologetics video on YouTube by
the title “Jealous God!? | RESPONSE
– which you can watch below.

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