MUSLIM OBJECTION – Where did Jesus say “I am God” & “Worship Me” ???

Christians, be aware of that when our muslim friends brings up this objection to the deity of Christ, if not saying it already from the start, they will most likely eventually say during the conversation at one point, that they want to see a verse from the Bible where Jesus say, with the EXACT WORDS: “I am God” & “Worship Me”. – Don’t fall into this trap!

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This is a VERY popular objection from the typical Islamic da’wah script.
If you watch my video addressing it , you will see video clips of 2 very big muslim apologists, Zakir Naik and Ahmed Deedat using it, and I quote:

“If Jesus is God, I would like you to show me one verse, only one statement anywhere in your Bible, any version of the Bible where Jesus says;
“I am God.” or where he says, “Worship me!”
– Ahmed Deedat –

“Mark me; there is not a single unequivocal statement. Not a single unambiguous statement, in the complete Bible, where Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) self says that
“I Am God.” or where he says “Worship Me.”

– Zakir Naik –

There are many passages in the Bible where Jesus use titles and names
Muslims & Christians BOTH will agree that ONLY God can truly claim.
On the photo above, you see just some examples of these.

Aka EXACT WORDS of “I am God, worship me!”
– No. You will not find Jesus saying that recorded in the Bible.

But my goodness, Jesus both described and demonstrated His divinity in
even more profound ways than saying these exact words.
Showing all those multiple “Divinity of Jesus-passages” is for another article.
And be sure, if you do that, you will get a reply such as; “The Bible has been corrupted!”
So I think there is a better way to refute this muslim objection..!

First of all, every Christian out there should learn the “Islamic Dilemma” also known as the “Quranic Dilemma”. In short, here’s what you need to know;
The Quran, revealed to Muhammad almost 600 years after Christianity originated,
affirms the inspiration, authority, and the preservation of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Gospel. Yet the Quran also CONTRADICTS the Gospel – on core theological and historical points. Like for example, the deity, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus!

So you see, either way, the Quran, which is a DIRECT dictation from THE creator of the universe, Allah to the angle Jibril (Gabriel) – to Muhammad.
Either way, Allah and the Quran is wrong.
If the Gospel is corrupted, Islam is false. If the Gospel is not corrupted, Islam is false.
It really is a DILEMMA for the Quran and Islam.

If you go to the video description of my video presenting this, you will find links to articles and videos unpacking this further + answers to common objections.

Ask almost anyone who deal with Christian apologetics directed at Islam, you can refute Islam all day long using the Bible – but on passages where the Bible does not align with Islam, as mention before, muslims will be forced to reply with that the Bible is corrupted –
(despite the Islamic Dilemma explained above), or deflect with some other polemical attacks on the Bible or the doctrine of the Trinity.

– Do you see, after all this unpacked, why its ultimately pointless to first use the Bible to deal with this muslim objection?

Instead, expose first the fallacies of this objection!

– Best way to do that?
Show your muslim friend how absurd this criteria and standard is.
Apply it back to the muslim and Islamic theology!

Muslims believe that the Quran is the eternal word of God and records Jesus’ words accurately. (I don’t, and I just gave you several reasons why). But muslims do.
The Quran is their infallible holy book.

Now, you’ll have the Quran quoting that Jesus himself is saying;
“I am the servant of Allah” – NEBULLAH
“I am a prophet of Allah” – RASULULLAH
“I am messenger of Allah” – ABDULLAH
(See for example the Quran 19:30)

Are we good so far? – Cool. Now, dear muslim…

where Jesus himself says the following:

Because Jesus himself does NOT say any of these 5 things with those “exact words in the Quran…

Well, then why does muslims believe them?
According to the same reasoning, criteria and logic behind this objection to the deity of Jesus and Christianity – if applying the same standard to their own Islamic theology,
then they shouldn’t hold to ANY of these 5 beliefs about Jesus (Isa), yet… They do..!

That’s why this whole objection,
falls flat hard on its face.
Because that’s not how logic and reasoning works,
not even in Islam and their own theology
when put to the same test.

For sources used, click the description box on the actual video page ***here***
Much of this article is a transcript from the DanielApologetics video on YouTube by
the title “Muslim Objection ||| Where Did Jesus Say “I Am God, Worship Me” ???”

– which you can watch below.

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