5 Prayers That Will Change You From The Inside Out 

Scripture talks a lot about praying; praying alone in your chamber and praying together with others. Praying is probably the most important aspect of the Christian life. 
But, praying is so often misunderstood and misused. 

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Did the title of this article trigger you a bit? – Please keep reading.
There is so much that could be said about praying, but for the particular topic and aspect of praying that I will unpack in this short article, I think a quote from the Danish philosopher, Søren Kirkegaard, is only fitting;

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.”

Now, we can, and should, pour out our heart in honest prayer to God!
I would never say anything else, because that would also go against scripture.
But SOME skeptics, and even som Christians, have a very false image and
unbiblical idea of God when it comes to praying…

“God is NOT a cosmic candy man, or your genie!”

We are part of a reality much bigger than just living a comfortable life 
with material wealth and health for a few decades in THIS life.
– Praying goes a lot deeper and beyond all of that! 

GOD is eternal and holy – the maximally greatest being!
No matter what happens in our personal life on Earth in the 21st century.

I’m gonna share with you here a 5 biblically sound prayers. They are not formula based or prayers that need to be prayed down to the letter. They are also not just restricted to certain Christians who belong to selected denominations.

These are applicable to ALL CHRISTIANS who want to grow in their personal walk with the Lord. If you bring them to God in spirit and in truth, with a humble and diligent heart when nobody around to watch or listen. Proper quality time. Just you alone with God.
You will be changed from the inside out!
– That’s the power of the Holy Spirit working in you!

help me to seek, hear and obey You.

– Ask God for the conviction of the Holy Spirit to be consumed by the desire to grow in the walk with him, to follow sound doctrine and to stay disciplined. 

help me to love people more in the way like You do.

– Now, one of the many things the world needs to relearn today, is that disagreements does not equal hate. Nor does love always necessarily require affirmation. Christians are not commanded to love every action and every ideology out there. Instead, Christians are commanded to love all people. We are to love our neighbor, to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute and hate us. We need God’s help to reflect this kind of love. 

help me to resist all evil, worldly things that are not from You.

– Ask God for wisdom and strength to keep your guards up against evil influences of this fallen world; idolatry being one of many examples. 

help me to never forget or take for granted all Your blessings.

– Give God the glory and praise for the air in your lungs, for the roof over your head, for food on the table, for being right there with you during hardships, for His loving sacrifice and salvation through Jesus Christ and for the eternity with Him that awaits you after a few decades of life in this world of rebellion.

help me to see myself more in the way like You see me.

– You need to know who you are so that you know who you are NOT! And what you are not, is often what the world will say you are. Pray that the lord will open the spiritual eyes of your heart so that your identity will be grounded in what God has said and done. 

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Much of this article is a transcript from the DanielApologetics video on YouTube by
the title “5 Prayers That Will Change YOU From The Inside Out” – which you can watch below.

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