If I Just Had Two Minutes…

I’m gonna share one of my favourite arguments for Christianity, that I’d present to a skeptic if
I just had around a minute or so to make a case.

🕑 Reading time: 2 minutes
🖊️ Written by: DanielApologetics

This is an argument you can present to both strangers or people you know – in school or at work, on the bus or on the airplane, at the gym or in a cafe.

I think it’s important to pray under your breath for the person while you are presenting this short case to him or her.

There have been multiple occasions where I asked hostile and apathetic skeptics:
If Christianity were true, would you become a Christian?  And they said; “No.”

“More often than you think, it’s NOT an
intellectual issue – it’s an issue with the heart.
They’re on a happiness quest in life, not a truth quest.”

If their heart is ready, there is a time for harvest, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a conversion right there on the spot on your first chat.
That did not always happen in the Bible, and it does not always happen today.

You’re a gardener.  Before any harvest, there is first a time for sowing, water, and sunlight. You have a part to play and a job to do, equally important as one or the other.

Christianity stands on many evidences and arguments.  However, presenting a full cumulative case inside one minute is impossible. But if you only had a minute or so to make a case for the truth of Christianity, here is my suggested argument;

There’s a reason why most New Testament scholars today, that are non-Christians,
don’t want to defend one particular natural explanation to the Resurrection.

Because they are all full of flaws.

There were thousands of Christians before a single line of the New Testament was written.  Why?

– Because of the many eyewitnesses during the 40 days between the Resurrection and the Ascension. A period where Jesus appeared to individuals, smaller groups, and a big group.

He was touched by his disciples, he had meals with them.

There are just too many things that do NOT add up..!

The New Testament writers are all known to be Jewish believers in Yahweh, with the exception of Luke…

Every Jew already believed they were God’s chosen people!
– So why would the New Testament writers, the apostles, and all the eyewitnesses, invent a resurrected Jesus?
To get themselves beaten, tortured, persecuted and killed?

“Why on earth would they invent a lie, and then die for their own invented lie?
– Because it wasn’t a lie.

Why would the New Testament writers invent and include all the embarrassing details about themselves?

Like for example that the women – and in ancient times – were the brave ones?
And that the leader, Peter, was at one point called Satan by Jesus?

And why invent and include all the embarrassing details and difficult sayings about Jesus
– THEIR Messiah?!?

Why include that his family thought he was out of his mind, that he was deserted by many followers, that he was called a drunkard, a madman, demon-possessed?
( Mark 3:21 ||| John 6:66 ||| Matthew 11:19 ||| Mark 3:22 ||| John 10:20 )

*** That’s NOT how you sell an attractive religion in ancient times! ***

  • The New Testament writers did not create the Resurrection. 
  • The Resurrection created the New Testament writers.
  • Christianity did not originate with a book. 
  • Christianity originated with an event: the Resurrection.

For sources used, click the description box on the actual video page ***here***
Much of this article is a transcript from the DanielApologetics video on YouTube by
the title “If I Just Had Two Minutes” – which you can watch below.

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