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“Strength to Christians. Helpful Answers to Skeptics.”

The MAIN GOAL of DanielApologetics

(29th October 2022)
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DanielApologetics.Com was launched 23.10.2021 with 1 purpose;
As the YouTube-channel has grown, subscribers has come from all around the world.
Many of these people are from non-native English speaking countries, and have requested transcripts and articles by DanielApologetics for easier learning and understanding.
It has also come to my knowledge that some of the viewers suffers from being hearing-impaired, which makes reading easier than watching videos.
But just, overall, a large amount of people have expressed interest in written publications from DanielApologetics – so here it is, give the people what they want!

“DanielApologetics” started as a YouTube-channel 1st January 2020.
As of September 2022, the channel has gained around 5,500 subscribers and keeps growing.
A brand new video is published every Wednesday at 4:30 PM (CET).
Most of the videos are around 5 minutes and tackles all from atheistic objections to Christianity,
polemical Islamic da’wah, and objections from other religions/ideologies.
So the videos addresses all from the problem of evil, divine hiddenness, Old Testament objections
+ defending the resurrection of Jesus, reliability of the New Testament and the Trinity etc.
The videos have a touch of both apologetics and polemics in style, as both these 2 disciplines to a certain degree need each other. Same can be said about theology and evangelism.
– Somewhere down the line, all these 4 fields goes hand in hand under the same umbrella.

My first name is Daniel, I’m from Norway, living in Slovakia, married, ex.footballer,
and now self-employed.
That’s ALL you really need to know personally about me here.
Just consider me a random dude on the internet,
I’m not interested in sharing more of my background, credentials or in general more of who I am…
Just let the content speak for itself – and if it’s good, to God be the glory!

This photo was taken the day I decided to start DanielApologetics.